IV Thieves: If We Can’t Escape My Pretty


Noel-approved retro-rock drudgery

Since writing ‘proper’ songs and wearing beer-soaked denim’s their stock trade, it’s little wonder these re-named Texas-via-Nottingham chuggers are paid-up members of the Noel Gallagher Mutual Appreciation Society. Thing is, it’s not the raw rock’n’roll power of Noel’s ‘Definitely Maybe’ they’re channelling on their second LP – rather the coke-bloated plod-rock of ‘Be Here Now’. Think shit-faced lyrical nonsense (“I’m sick of your tractor”, insists Nic Armstrong on ‘The Day Is A Downer’), balls-out riffola so dumb it’d lose to Jade Goody at Scrabble (‘Take This Heart’) and faithful Gallagher tributes (‘The Sound And The Fury’) and you’ve got the general idea. In other words, ‘If We Can’t Escape…’ provides a useful stopgap for Jet fans – and nothing else.

Rick Martin