Album Review: Ivyrise – ‘Ivyrise’

Album Review: Ivyrise - 'Ivyrise'


Overambitious and heavily tainted with genre confusion

What are [a]Ivyrise[/a]? The jagged riffs on ‘[b]Line Up The Stars[/b]’ and the us-against-the-world fist-pumping chorus of ‘[b]Too Much[/b]’ (not to mention the hair) suggest an emo focus. Yet the overwrought vocal lines of ‘[b]Hurts[/b]’ suggest reality-TV boyband. The positively Bryan Adams-esque bouncy chug and good-times “wooah-oohh-ohhh” chorus of ‘[b]Yes To Running[/b]’ suggest credibility-shunning stadium rock.

Frontman Ben Falinksi describes himself as “massively overambitious”, and the sense on this debut is of striving for bigness at any cost and missing the point on every level. It’s a tricky beast to pin down. Our advice? Tranquiliser dart and incinerator first, ask questions later.

Duncan Gillespie

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