Jack Beats – ‘Careless’

Jack Beats - 'Careless'


Excruciatingly polished and inoffensive

Jack Beats are a funny beast: two world-class turntablists who packed in the endless scratching in favour of making 2008-style fidget house for a major-label home. Theoretically the duo’s love for filthy bass sounds and jacking beats sounds promising. In reality, though, this mini-album is just too clean, mannered and polished. It’s dance filth as reimagined by Hollywood and, for all the bass wobbling, there’s really not that much to separate ‘Careless’ from the latest David Guetta production. For the most part ‘Careless’ is professionally inoffensive. But when Jack Beats take on a Leonard Cohen sample, on ‘End Of Love’, the results are excruciating.

James Anderson