Album Review: Jaguar Love – ‘Hologram Jams’ (Fat Possum)

Album Review: Jaguar Love - 'Hologram Jams' (Fat Possum)


A weird pop record that's humorously danceable

The [b]Blood Brothers[/b] may be an underground delight we can only reminisce about these days, but their frequency-confusing founder [b]Johnny Whitney[/b] and best bud [b]Cody Votolato[/b] are still making music like their former band. [b]‘Hologram Jams’[/b] is their first release since the loss of drummer (and former [b]Pretty Girls Make Graves[/b] member) [b]Jay Clark[/b]. And, we like the schizophrenic drum machine duo vibe a lot more. Flooded with lyrical satire and engulfed in more tunage than an air piano contest, [b]‘Cherry Soda’[/b] endorses move-busting belly laughs. JL have dropped a weird pop record so humorously danceable that Ke$ha’s probably planning a collaboration as we type.

[b]Kelly Murray[/b]