Jaguar Skills – ’90s Hip Hop Revisited’

Jaguar Skills - '90s Hip Hop Revisited'


The DJ mixes songs and acappellas from Nervous' archive to create an aural history lesson

New York’s Nervous Records is best known for its house output, but also released some quality boom-bap hip-hop in the 90s with KRS One and Smif-N-Wessun among its alumni. For this mix album, DJ Jaguar Skills has taken 65 songs and acappellas from Nervous’ hip-hop catalogue, reworking every track to ensure maximum head-nod. But 90s purists can listen in peace: the music is faithful to its historical origins throughout. That means dusty drums, classic funk samples, shout-along choruses and scratching aplenty, in a way that will be familiar to anyone who bought a Mobb Deep album. It’s all very retro, and you may crave variety after 57 minutes of nostalgia. But this album could be the funkiest history lesson you’ve ever bugged out to.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Nervous
Release date: 07 Apr, 2014