Album Review: Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell – ‘Psychic Life’

Album Review: Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell - 'Psychic Life'


Club-ready grooves with unsettling lyrics

“A post punk album in the original PiL mode,” is what [b]Jah Wobble[/b] – [b]PiL[/b]’s original bass player – was aiming for on this hook up with [b]LoneLady[/b], and in the sense of melding dub-heavy, club-ready grooves with unsettling lyrics (“[i]I’m not adapting to the machine[/i]” goes the very first line of ‘[b]Tightrope[/b]’), he and she have succeeded. In truth, though, it’s the less controlled, less sleek excursions – only a DJ wanting to go home early will be spinning the disjointed ‘[b]Phantasms Rise[/b]’ or ‘[b]Isaura[/b]’ – that are more exciting. Oh, and be sure to avoid the two-part ‘[b]Slavetown[/b]’, which is Jools Holland-slick…

[i]Hamish MacBain[/i]


Record label: Cherry Red
Release date: 14 Nov, 2011