Album review: Jahdan Blakkamoore

Album review: Jahdan Blakkamoore


Breaking the boundaries without bucking the trend

Since Major Lazer’s [b]‘Pon De Floor’[/b] firebombed every sound system this side of Kingston, one-time Lazer collaborator [b]Jahdan Blakkamoore[/b] has been looking for his own 15 minutes of dancehall fame. His assualt begins with [b]‘Buzzrock Warrior’[/b], where he plonks his naive hollering atop a homogenous mix of dubstep, grime and every other zeitgeist-hugging new genre, before Auto-Tuning it within an inch of its credibility. But the powerful [b]‘Come With Me’[/b], where Blakkamoore presents the reality of his emigration from Guyana, is drowned out by generic verses. Weed-smoking clubbers will say this dubstep-dancehall fusion is breaking boundaries but, like Jahdan, they’ve mistaken innovation for a need to stay ‘on trend’.

[b]Sam Wolfson[/b]

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