Album Review: James Yuill – ‘Movement In A Storm’ (Moshi Moshi)

Album Review: James Yuill - 'Movement In A Storm' (Moshi Moshi)


The folk kid exchanges twee sensibilities for something altogether darker

Though the slender majority of the tracks on [b]‘Movement In A Storm’[/b] hang upon Yuill’s ‘folktronica’ tag, there’s a darker underbelly here. Yuill’s managed to keep the lyrical sensibility of his first record, but has force-fed it a pretty strong Vodka Red Bull. Lead single [b]‘On Your Own’[/b] is an electro-pop stomper which [b]Frankmuzik[/b] might try and steal, if he ever makes a second album, while [b]‘My Fears’[/b] has chucked out acoustic guitars in favour of glitchy beats, and a middle eight that’s crying out for a [b]Fenech Soler[/b] remix. It’s not airhorns and poppers on the dancefloor just yet, but it’s not far off.

[b]Ailbhe Malone[/b]

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