Album review – Jamie Lidell – ‘Compass’ (Warp)

Album review - Jamie Lidell - 'Compass' (Warp)


Navigating an emotional plane on a voyage of funk

Britain’s foremost whiteboy funkateer has learned enough since his 2005 major label debut [b]‘Multiply’[/b] for [b]‘Compass’[/b] to pull off a neat trick. With his heart as his guide (opener [b]‘Completely Exposed’[/b] and the title track show that some serious heartbreak and soul-searching’s been going on), Lidell gives us a tour of soul through his geographically-removed ears. Bill Withers’ drummer James Gadson propels the sunshine-funk shuffle of [b]‘Enough’s Enough’[/b], America’s foremost whiteboy funkateer Beck brings the junkyard groove, while Lidell drops his paisley pants for some of Prince’s purplest moments on the extended metaphor of ‘[b]I Wanna Be Your Telephone’[/b]. Makes you think of touch-tone in a whole new way.

[b]Jason Draper[/b]

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