Jane Weaver – ‘The Silver Globe’

Jane Weaver – 'The Silver Globe'


The cult folk figure puts her focus on experimentation on this gleaming new effort

On the fringes of Manchester’s independent rock scene for over two decades now, Jane Weaver’s solo albums have largely been folky affairs. Experimentation has always been present, though, and on ‘The Silver Globe’ it becomes the definitive theme. Beginning with ‘Argent’ – eight minutes of cruise-control krautrock – is a solid indicator that compromise is not to be had here. There are pop-friendly moments though: the Hot Chip-meets-Goldfrapp ‘Don’t Take My Soul’, the 41-year-old Liverpudlian – who was once part of Britpop act Kill Laura – pitches up her voice and Badly Drawn Boy contributes guitar. ‘Mission Desire’, a token shard of folk gloom, does little to undercut the finely honed futurist gleam elsewhere.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Bird/Finders Keepers
Release date: 20 Oct, 2014