Album Review: Jane’s Addiction – ‘The Great Escape Artist’

Album Review: Jane's Addiction - 'The Great Escape Artist'


A pop-wolf in rock-sheep clothing

“[i]We’ve become a big business[/i]”, crows 52-year-old frontman Perry Farrell in his inimitable way on ‘[b]Immovable Force[/b]’, and while that might be true of [a]Jane’s Addiction[/a], having only produced their fourth album since 1985, they operate with the sort of diligence exercised by Enron before it went bankrupt. No matter: another long-awaited offering finally drops and it’s wonderfully enchanting. Ostensibly [a]Jane’s Addiction[/a] are one of the true titans of alternative rock, but ‘[b]The Great Escape Artist[/b]’ is a pop-wolf in rock-sheep clothing, laden with the kind of killer songs that kept [a]Duran Duran[/a] in cocaine and yachts in the 1980s. Their stock is rallying.

[i]Jeremy Allen[/i]


Director: Rich Costey
Record label: EMI
Release date: 18 Oct, 2011