Album review: Japandroids – ‘Post-Nothing’

Album review: Japandroids - 'Post-Nothing'

A brutal force of joyous abandon

Despite the nihilistic bent of that title, the world must seem a rosy place for this Vancouver noise-pop duo right now. Over the past few months music fans and critics alike have been throwing about all sorts of glowing adjectives concerning their debut album. And whew! – their debut is a gale-force riot, a virtual tempest of joyous abandon. [i]“I don’t wanna worry about dying/I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls”[/i], yelps guitarist Brian King on the bristling, vital [b]‘Young Hearts Spark Fire’[/b]. We’re sold, then – just one small quandary left to figure out… Which is weirder: the fact that some of these songs sound a lot like [b]Foreigner[/b] recording in a wind tunnel, or the fact that that they’re the most killer moments here?

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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