Album review: Jeniferever

Album review: Jeniferever


Spring Tides

Blame it on the cold weather or the landscape or whatever, but the Scandinavians seem to be all too fluent in the art of drawing out a song into a swirling epic soundscape (see Múm, Sigur Rós and Leaves). This Swedish quartet are no different. With their dial set to ‘shoegaze’, the strung–out guitars and Kristofer Jönson’s strained, wispy vocals provide a pleasant but familiar formula for each of the songs. Bare, glacial melodies shimmer over so-slow, shuffling rhythms and the undeniably charming ‘St Gallen’ and ‘Concrete And Glass’ are layered gently with horns and strings, while ‘Nanjigala’ and ‘The Hourglass’ are left to build unhurriedly into rippling emo epics. Pretty, but all too forgettable.

Tessa Harris

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