Album Review: Jenny and Jonny – I’m Having Fun Now (Warner Bros)

Album Review: Jenny and Jonny - I'm Having Fun Now (Warner Bros)


Boy-Girl-jangly-summer-pop is still going strong but tackling 'issues' doesn't always work

Another boy-girl duo unleash their love on the world via the medium of music. Brilliant. Actually, this one almost is. Jenny ‘[a]Rilo Kiley[/a]’ Lewis, and Jonathan ‘Just Recorded Under His Own Name’ Rice’s brand of folk-indie-pop – jangly guitars, sweetly shared harmonies, echoes of the Deep South – isn’t groundbreaking, but probably wasn’t supposed to be. While most tracks deal with relationship fall-out, the couple also tackle ‘issues’. In ‘[b]Big Wave[/b]’ they discuss the economic crisis, while ‘[b]My Pet Snake[/b]’ contains the lyric, “[i]I don’t believe in sucking my way to the top[/i]”. Charming.

[b]Molly Hughes[/b]