Album Review: Jeremy Jay – ‘Splash’ (k/Differ-Ant)

Album Review: Jeremy Jay - 'Splash' (k/Differ-Ant)

Breaking the waves of American indie rock

The first of two albums to be released this year by this Californian singer-songwriter, [b]‘Splash’[/b] was written and recorded while he was living in London in the summer of 2009. Instead of absorbing the local sounds, however, it sees a homesick Jay turning to the none-more-American indie rock of [a]Pavement[/a] and the SST label for inspiration. The highlights here are opener [b]‘As You Look Over The City’[/b] and [b]‘Hologram Feather’[/b], which channel the nasal whine of Dean Wareham and the music of his bands [b]Galaxie 500[/b] and [b]Luna[/b]. However, Jay’s detached warble does occasionally grate, especially on the jaunty, lightweight single [b]‘Just Dial My Number’[/b].

[b]Nathaniel Cramp[/b]

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