Album Review: Jim Noir – Zooper Dooper

Album Review: Jim Noir - Zooper Dooper


Trippy pop and psych-folk snowball quickly gathering speed

Known for his songs soundtracking countless adverts, Manchester’s twisted psych-folk oddball is back plugging only ‘[b]Zooper Dooper[/b]’. This six-track EP packs in songs that sound like a northern soul take on the theme from egg-centric ‘80s computer game [i]Magicland Dizzy[/i] (‘[b]Kitty Kat[/b]’), [a]Super Furry Animals[/a] in a space race with Ray Davies (‘[b]She Flies Away With My Love[/b]’ and the Beta Band at their most far out (‘[b]Do You Like Games[/b]?’). These are all far too weird to sell anything but, luckily for the ad men, the trippy pop of ‘[b]Car[/b]’ could easily help flog a hatchback or two. Commercially sweet with artistic integrity intact – the job’s a good ‘un.