John Cale – ‘Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood’

John Cale - 'Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood'


An enjoyable weirdathon from the co-founder of The Velvet Underground

Forty-seven years after co-founding The Velvet Underground, 43 years after producing The Stooges’ debut, 36 years after doing the same for The Modern Lovers, 70-year-old Welshman John Cale releases his 15th solo album. Recorded in his LA studio, Cale does it all bar a “jam session” from Danger Mouse on ‘I Wanna Talk 2 U’. For five songs, it’s the best album ever, rattling along on post-punk guitar flourishes and Cale’s auto-tuned vocal. After that it descends into an enjoyable weirdathon. ‘Mary’ is the bizarre highlight: “You wanna call me Sam/You wanna call me Freddie/You wanna call me Manuel/You don’t have to call me Mary”. Heroically odd.

Tom Howard