Album review: John Vanderslice

Album review: John Vanderslice


Romanian Names

Not since Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ has there been such an accomplished album of torch songs. Vanderslice’s eighth solo effort is gently obsessive, tracing the unresolved feelings of a past relationship with lyrical frankness, and jangling production that recalls pre-‘Hissing Fauna…’ Of Montreal and The Sea And Cake. ‘Too Much Time’ is an elegant paean to loneliness (“I’ve got

no obligations… freedom is all there is”), and his voice rings with awe at the wonder of his former beloved on ‘Tremble And Tear’. High praise indeed, but if you can spend a little time with ‘Romanian Names’ and not feel duly captivated by its sun-kissed longing, West Coast harmonies and occasional krautrock minimalism, your heart’s probably made of stone.

Laura Snapes

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