Johnathan Rice – ‘Good Graces’

Johnathan Rice - 'Good Graces'


The sound of a beachside Velvet Underground with ’70s sunshine riffs

There’s a cosy part of California where the past 40 years haven’t meant a damn. This sweet, tree-shaded spot is populated by affable dudes with straggly hair, man-crushes on David Crosby and a liking for afternoon bong hits. Chilling out alongside Dawes, Jonathan Wilson and Father John Misty is Johnathan Rice and his third solo album. “We can make love at half past three”, he hums over the ’70s sunshine riffs of ‘Acapulco Gold’, while ‘Lou Rider’, featuring Jenny Lewis, is the sound of a beachside Velvet Underground. ‘Good Graces’ may not be reinventing the wheel, but it leans out of the hammock to give it a good spin.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: SQE Music