Album Review: Josh T Pearson – ‘Josh T Pearson’s Christmas Bonus’

Album Review: Josh T Pearson - 'Josh T Pearson's Christmas Bonus'


Dulcet-toned, minorly depressive, acoustic introversion

Christmas is great an’ all, but what’s with the ‘high spirits’ and ‘festive cheer’? Don’t you just wanna take those chirpy carol singers and tell them that, actually, the world is a pretty harrowing and awful place and, just because it’s December, that doesn’t stop applying? [a]Josh T Pearson[/a] knows what we’re talking about, and to prove the point he’s turned five Christmas staples into 20 minutes of dulcet-toned, minorly depressive, acoustic introversion. Hey, why change your shtick just because some fat dude in a red suit told you to? Good work Josh; glad to see somebody’s thinking about the bigger picture here.

[i]Lisa Wright[/i]


Director: John Dent
Record label: Mute
Release date: 21 Nov, 2011