Julia Holter – ‘Ekstasis’

Julia Holter - 'Ekstasis'


Hymn-like offerings and dreamlike enchantments

Magic exists, and we know it does – because if it didn’t, how could Julia Holter’s second release bewitch so thoroughly, right from the onset? A classically trained virtuoso from Los Angeles and friend of fellow pop sorceress Nite Jewel, she weaves ambience and pop music together on tracks such as ‘Our Sorrows’ and ‘Moni Mon Amie’ to cast dreamlike enchantments.

In a buzzing world in which tranquility can often seem unattainable, Holter’s hymn-like offerings, powered by harpsichord and harmonium, demand more than mere background listening. Forget chart positions or blog hype: ‘Ekstasis’ reminds us that music can mean so much more.

[i]Anne T Donahue[/i]


Record label: RVNG Intl.
Release date: 12 Mar, 2012