Album Review : Junior Boys

Album Review : Junior Boys


Begone Dull Care

Album review:

The most pivotal influence on Junior Boys’ third album is a respectful admiration of Scritti Politti singer Green Gartside. It’s a nod to Gartside’s talent for fashioning heart–rending meta-pop by combining blue-eyed soul and synthetic dance music. Like Scritti, Junior Boys make crisp soul disco but throw in influences such as Balearic (‘Dull To Pause’) and the neo-Detroit techno pop of Morgan Geist (‘Work’). Acknowledging their reputation for being arch, ‘Begone Dull Care’ takes its name from a Canadian animated film billed as a “fantasia of colour”. The suggestion the pair have somehow increased the emotional palette of their repertoire is a red-herring, but this is still a tremendous success.

John Doran

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