Album Review: Kassidy – Hope St (Vertigo)

Album Review: Kassidy - Hope St (Vertigo)


An amalgamation of everything musically wrong placed into a poorly wrapped parcel

Fucking ’ell! When this bunch of Topman mannequins masquerading as humans decided to form a band, which bright spark whacked on [b]‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’[/b] by [b]Crash Test Dummies[/b] and said, “Lads, this is how we’ll sound”? [b]Kassidy[/b], with all the objective critical distance one can muster, are a bunch of morons who not only resemble hoity-toity Fields Of The Nephilim lookalikes but are just as godawful to listen to.

Frontman Barrie James’ voice on [b]‘I Don’t Know’[/b] sounds like the noise a cow makes while being milked, [b]‘Stray Cat’[/b] is a sickly attempt at countrified pop and [b]‘Oh My God’[/b] sounds like Crosby, Stills & Gary Barlow. And we did tell you how ridiculous they look, right? Jesus.

[i]Jamie Crossan[/i]


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