Album Review: Kathryn Calder – ‘Are You My Mother?’


An ingénue growing into a sound of her own

Best known for having the unenviable task of filling [a]Neko Case[/a]’s vocal boots with [a]The New Pornographers[/a] (and for leading on [b]Challenger[/b] tracks like [b]‘Failsafe’[/b]), [a]Kathryn Calder[/a] now sees the release of her debut solo album in the UK. Campfire jangling straight out of the Canadian collective’s songbook breathes through brighter numbers [b]‘If You Only Knew’[/b] and [b]‘Follow Me Into The Hills’[/b]. But on an album wrought as much from grief as hope (it was written as Calder cared for her dying mother), the delicate [b]‘All It Is’[/b] and perfectly crafted [b]‘Slip Away’[/b] speak volumes of an ingénue growing into a sound of her own.

Hazel Sheffield