Album Review: Keane – ‘Night Train’ (Island)

Album Review: Keane - 'Night Train' (Island)


The trio fall short of full-on liberation

Like a modern empowered woman, [a]Keane[/a] are obsessed with ‘having it all’. Juggling a career, great hair and kids equates for them to making safe, dowdy AOR while giving the finger to those who call them safe, dowdy AOR. The fan-alienating [b]‘Perfect Symmetry’[/b] should have proved kerrazy synths don’t make you creative but they keep asserting that they’re mental. Barmy, mate. What will they do next? A [b]Yellow Magic Orchestra[/b] cover with a Japanese baile-funk artist? Italo disco? Bulbous ’80s pop with a rap bridge from [b]K’Naan[/b]? Uh, yes, yes and yes. Oh dear. Unburn your bras.

[b]Gavin Haynes[/b]