Album review: Ke$ha – Animal (Sony)

Album review: Ke$ha - Animal (Sony)


LA Clever rhythms and rhymes from a debut that takes no prisoners

Flanked by the two pillars of Swedish pop production – Max Martin and Dr Luke – rises [a]Ke$ha[/a]. Focusing on booze and boys, and dressing like a ‘[b]Dirrty[/b]’-era Christina (by way of [b]Axl Rose[/b]), a groomed popette she is not. Yet, beneath the patina of skeezy Freshers’-Week-LOLZ lyrics (“got a water-bottle of whiskey in my handbag”) lies a talent. Claiming the writing credit on each track, including smash ‘[b]Tik Tok[/b]’, clever rhythms and rhymes are testament to a musicality that the disposable nature of her subject matter hides. ‘[b]Dinosaur[/b]’ contains the pay-off “Honey, your toupee is falling to the left side/Get up and go bro/Oh wait, you’re fossilized”. The token ‘meaningful’ track – ‘[b]Dancing With Tears In My Eyes[/b]’ is best avoided, though.

[b]Ailbhe Malone[/b]

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