Kelis – ‘Live In London’

Kelis - 'Live In London'


The R&B singer's live album lacks the best cuts from her latest record to make it truly comprehensive

Released in April, ‘Food’ – Kelis’ full-band, indie-soul album – was never going to deliver a smash like 2003’s ‘Milkshake’, but it was a wonderful record, expertly produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek and ripe for playing live. The 35-year-old was terrific at Glastonbury and here we find her at London’s Somerset House in July, playing ‘Food’ material and hits from across her career (‘Trick Me’, ‘Got Your Money’, ‘Milkshake’). It’s good fun, but that there aren’t more ‘Food’ tracks (two of its best – ‘Jerk Ribs’ and ‘Hooch’ – are absent) becomes the album’s downfall. Rearranged for brass, her classics can’t help but feel like cabaret – and the musicians playing here have less punch than the band that rocked the album.

Phil Hebblethwaite


Record label: Concert Live
Release date: 24 Nov, 2014