Kelly Jones: Only The Names Have Been Changed


Stereophonics man goes solo. Steady on, ladies

So, you’ve slayed the stadiums and become untouchable… now it’s time to get personal again. A wistful, whiskey-soaked lump of Johnny Cash-style self indulgence is what’s needed! All 10 tracks of the earnest, heartbreak missives that make up ‘Only…’ are named after women who are all in a bad place. Affairs (‘Jean’), shagging taxi drivers (‘Katie’), attempted murder (‘Emily’) – the Stereophonics’ frontman is looking down on their troubled souls with just an acoustic guitar and his sizeable god complex for company. For some, there’s no denying the affectation of Kelly’s soulful croon, but if this is getting back in touch, then we fear he might be suffering from a deadly strain of Stately Home Syndrome. The cure? Two years playing bass in Stuart Cable’s new band.

Eddie Smack