Album Review: Kids In Glass Houses – ‘Dirt’ (Roadrunner)

Album Review: Kids In Glass Houses - 'Dirt' (Roadrunner)


A botched second offering from the Welsh outfit

“We all just wanna be Prince really,” claims [b]KIGH[b] frontman Aled Phillips of his band’s new record. Well, let’s just say [b]‘Dirt’[/b] falls a bit short of [b]‘Purple Rain’[/b]. [b]Glassjaw[/b] or [b]Lostprophets[/b] perhaps… but surely not even these two would stoop so low as to collaborate with punk-pop jokers [b]New Found Glory[/b] on [b]‘Maybe Tomorrow’[/b] and Frankie from [b]The Saturdays[/b] on [b]‘Undercover Lover’[/b]. And that’s exactly where this Welsh quintet botch their second offering; those two death-by-cringe tracks unravel an otherwise fairly impressive attempt at fierce, stadium-slaying sing-along rock. All young riff-merchants should ask themselves this when making music: would [b]Biffy[/b] do it? If the answer’s no, then leave well alone.

[b]Camilla Pia[/b]