Album review: Kill It Kid – ‘Kill It Kid’

Album review: Kill It Kid - 'Kill It Kid'

Music fit for a misfit

In many ways [a]Kill It Kid[/a] going all 19th century on their debut is quite endearing. With the charts currently full of females foisting future sounds onto the masses, this Bath-based five-piece are bucking the trend with glee, making music for the misfits and giving us delicious little murder ballads ([b]‘Private Idaho’[/b]) that seem more suited to a forgotten era than the Day-Glo obsessed 21st century. What makes the bluegrass and ragtime rhythms work is their skill at crafting a song, though: the surging [b]‘Burst Its Banks’[/b] is full of drama, the boy/girl duets between Chris Turpin and Steph Ward fall the right side of sweet and the stabbing fiddles and honky-tonk piano parts add just the right amount of spice. Impressive stuff.

[b]Edwin McFee[/b]

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