Album review: Killswitch Engage – ‘Killswitch Engage’

Album review: Killswitch Engage - 'Killswitch Engage'

They might have run out of title ideas, but inside it's all invention

When a band releases an eponymous album it can sometimes indicate a lack of fresh ideas. Yet even though this is the second self-titled long player that Killswitch Engage have released this decade they’re far from stagnant. Metalcore, the scene that spawned and supported them, is all but dead and only the hardiest of bands will survive – they will, on the strength of this, be one of the last standing. The nailgun death-metal riff attack of ‘Never Again’ and ‘The Forgotten’ will be enough to satisfy the gnarliest of brutality addicts, ‘The Return’ goes even further into emo territory and ‘A Light In A Darkened World’ will appeal to denim-clad NWOBHM fans. Their future as a metal act with their fingers on the button seems assured.

[B]John Doran[/B]