Kindness – ‘Otherness’

Kindness - 'Otherness'


Meandering second effort from the producer falls short of making an impact

This second Kindness album improves on 2012’s debut, ‘World, You Need A Change Of Mind’, but not by much. ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ is a decent Prince pastiche, and the melancholy of ‘This Is Not About Us’ feels affecting, but singer-songwriter-producer Adam Bainbridge allows too many of his 80s-influenced pop-R&B tracks to meander, lending ‘Otherness’ the air of dinner party music for middle-aged hipsters. Kelela, Robyn and Dev Hynes guest, but also highlight the shortcomings of Bainbridge’s own vocals, which sometimes lack soul and are rarely memorable. When Robyn sings “I’ve been looking for meaning/Something good to believe in” on ‘Who Do You Love?’, the response is sadly: Sorry, you won’t find it here.


Record label: Female Energy
Release date: 13 Oct, 2014