Album review: King Creosote

Album review: King Creosote


Flick The Vs

Bearded folkie from Fife in successful flirtation with funk shocker. If you thought you’d heard it all from Kenny Anderson, aka King Creosote, in 19 years of music-making you’re dead wrong. ‘Flick The Vs’ finds the Fence Records founder reinventing himself again. Admittedly this appears impenetrable – openers ‘No One Had It Better’ and ‘Two Frocks At A Wedding’ clock in at just over seven and five minutes respectively – and then there’s layer upon layer of guitars, drum machines, accordions, synths and falsetto to absorb. But it’s all so subtle you find yourself digging in for more. And if anyone could make songs about cross-dressing, kilts, playing cards and nosy neighbours sound sublime, it’s surely the big KC.

Camilla Pia

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