Album Review: King Creosote And Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine (Double Six)


A spectral story told gently from start to finish

Recorded over the course of several years when both of the involved parties could find time or be arsed, to call [b]Diamond Mine[/b] ‘gently ambient’ would be like calling [b]‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back’[/b] ‘a tad on the tetchy side’.

The sound of ebbing waves and agitated seafowl drifts in and out, and the songs are sprawling, pastoral and freeform, like a Celtic take on Talk Talk’s [b]‘Spirit Of Eden’[/b]. The eerie, mist-shrouded [b]‘Running On Fumes’[/b] is the standout track, but really, [b]‘Diamond Mine’[/b] should be taken as a whole, at night, in the dark, with some Scotch and a blanket.

[i]Pete Cashmore[/i]

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