Album Review: King Midas Sound – ‘Without you’

Album Review: King Midas Sound - 'Without you'


A remixed version of his debut 'Waiting For You'

From industrial grind pioneer to dread-dub preacherman, [b]Kevin Martin[/b] has found many ways to express ‘heavy’ over the last 20-odd years. The softness that he ushered in with his [a]King Midas Sound[/a] project, a collaboration with sugar-voiced street poet [b]Roger Robinson[/b], was something new, however. Here, Martin hands debut album ‘[b]Waiting For You[/b]’ to a team of remixers. The result disturbs something of the original’s gauzy ambience, but there are some fine refigurings: [a]Gang Gang Dance[/a] work ‘[b]Earth A Kill You[/b]’ into sunny tropical wobble, while [b]Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside[/b] makes a welcome vocal appearance on a bittersweet ‘[b]Come & Behold[/b]’.

[i]Louis Pattison[/i]


Director: Kevin Martin
Record label: Hyperdub
Release date: 31 Oct, 2011