Album Review : King Of Spain

Album Review : King Of Spain


Battleships And Aeroplanes

Facts about this album:

* King Of Spain, from Balham, south London are Bayly Pike (vocals/guitar), Tom Fleming (guitar/backing vocals), Ade Mills (bass/backing vocals), Paul Denley (drums/percussion).

* ‘Battleships And Aeroplanes’ is their debut album.

Album review:

If you’re a neurotic doomsday theorist like us you’ll spend most of your day worrying about whether your fellow earthlings have chosen the right path in life. Some people worry about climate change or global famine; we worry about the inevitable rise of bands influenced

by Arctic Monkeys. So, welcome King Of Spain with open arms. Reeking of Hefner and The Go-Betweens, this album stands as a homage to a great school of underground indie where books weren’t just used for Ordinary Boys photoshoots, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Orange Juice’s back catalogue is grounds for marriage. ‘Can I Touch?’ is the ultimate muso love song about wanting to listen to The Flaming Lips with a girl, which is awesome.

Rebecca Robinson

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