King Tuff – ‘Black Moon Spell’

King Tuff - 'Black Moon Spell'


Kyle Thomas is feeling autobiographical and fun on this scuzzy return

Kyle Thomas is the musician, King Tuff the character he plays. On this third album, the LA-based scruff is in autobiographical mood: “King Tuff is my name, I got madness in my brain” (‘Madness’); “I play the guitar like a demon from hell” (‘Demon From Hell’). His lyrics would be silly in sloppier hands, but Thomas is a master craftsman with pedigree – he played with J Mascis in metal band Witch and jams with fellow garage-rock titan Ty Segall, who drums on the title track here – and ‘Black Moon Spell’ is scuzzy, wired and bulging with Marc Bolan vocals, riffs Jimmy Page forgot to stick on any Zeppelin album and a bunch of outrageously catchy choruses. Big fun.

Tom Howard


Record label: Sub Pop
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014