Album Review: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – ‘Smoking In Heaven’

Album Review: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - 'Smoking In Heaven'


Bearing the joy of wonderful simplicity with the long awaited follow-up to their debut.

What’s shocking about the Durham siblings’ band isn’t that their youngest member is still a teenager, but the fact that they’re still on only their second album. Festival stalwarts and vintage sonics trailblazers, their no-fuss rhythm and blues has little truck with reinventing the wheel and fizzes with the simple joy of creation.

The soft swagger of [b]‘Don’t Make A Fool Out Of Me’[/b] sets a modest melody against an undeniable groove, and [b]‘You’ll Soon Be Here’[/b] radiates with the warmth of a junk store 78. Oddly, [b]‘Messing With My Life’[/b] sounds like [a]The Kooks[/a] filtered through a bebopping [a]Ella Fitzgerald[/a] and – even odder – is bloody great.

Leonie Cooper

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