Album Review: Klak Tik – ‘Must We Find A Winner’ (Safety First)

Album Review: Klak Tik - 'Must We Find A Winner' (Safety First)


A rare songwriting talent

The delightfully named Soren Bonke, formerly of [b]6 Day Riot[/b], has released an album for which ‘delightful’ is too faint a signifier of praise. The Copenhagen-born multi-instrumentalist, who is as equally at home playing careworn pianos, fractally clear acoustic guitars and honeyed, battered brass cornets, patently has a rare songwriting talent that simultaneously calls to mind [b]Sufjan Stevens[/b], [b]Simon & Garfunkel[/b], [b]Jim O’Rourke[/b] and [b]James Mercer[/b]. Like little droplets of sublimity, these 13 tracks are built around chiming, tender and sorrowful melodies. So who has released the orchestral folk album of the year? Some people think it’s Bonke’s.

[b]John Doran[/b]