Krill – ‘Lucky Leaves’

Krill - 'Lucky Leaves'


The Boston band make the case for bands writing their own theme tunes with this gloriously sloppy debut

If grungy Boston trio Krill prove anything on their debut album – originally out in the US in 2013 and getting a catch-up release over here ahead of a new record next year – it’s that more bands should write their own theme tunes. Opener ‘Theme From Krill’ has frontman Jonah Furman barking their band name over and over, while the rest of ‘Lucky Leaves’ turns self-loathing into a sport. “Set the dogs on me/I deserve what’s coming” sighs Furman on ‘Sick Dogs (For Ian)’ and ‘Tetherball’ has him verbally kicking himself over weaving guitars. ‘Peanut Butter’, a new track added for this release, is most exciting, a rollercoaster ride of gloriously sloppy riffs.


Record label: Steak Club/Blood And Biscuits
Release date: 15 Dec, 2014