Album Review: Kuedo – ‘Severant’

Album Review: Kuedo - 'Severant'


A beguiling blend of sci-fi soundtrack synths

While he might have cut his teeth as half of industrial dubstep provocateurs Vex’d, [a]Kuedo[/a]’s debut album has little to do with that genre, and nothing to do with the vague ‘post-dubstep’ descriptions that usually get thrown in his direction. Instead, Jamie Teasdale has honed a beguiling blend of sci-fi soundtrack synths (think Vangelis’ iconic theme to Blade Runner), booming hip-hop bass and the jittery percussion of Chicago footwork. While its melodies are curiously soothing, the stuttering drums of ‘[b]Flight Path[/b]’ are the opposite – caffeinated, edgy and invigorating. That same battle between tension and relaxation runs throughout, fuelling this understated gem of an album.

[i]Rory Gibb[/i]


Director: Kuedo
Record label: Planet Mu
Release date: 17 Oct, 2011