Album review: Kyte – ‘Dead Waves’ (Kids)

Album review: Kyte - 'Dead Waves' (Kids)


If you like your shoegaze a bit more hobnailed, step this way

Another band made out of rainbow (see also [a]The Radio Dept[/a], [a]Sigur Rós[/a], [a]Stars[/a], [a]Mew[/a]), Leicestershire’s Kyte gaze at the new shoe while keeping the other foot in the commercial. Where lazier shimmer-mongers tend to billow out records with samples of cherubim shitting clouds to disguise tunes with the substance of the vacuum, ‘Dead Waves’ is all about the song – ‘You’re Alone Tonight’ and ‘Designed For Damage’ are rooted in solid folktronic songwriting that provides a real meat and marrow. Plush and elegiac, but with a morbid hint of mutilations, it’s like being lulled to sleep by the script from Saw IV. Treasure it before BT discover it to soundtrack their Infinity Package.

[b]Mark Beaumont[/b]