La Sera – ‘Sees The Light’

La Sera - 'Sees The Light'


Technicolor pop melodies

Stripped of her day-to-day outfit Vivian Girls’ fence of lo-fi fuzz, Katy Goodman’s faultless way with Technicolor pop melodies blazes through [a]La Sera[/a]’s second album. As refreshing and intoxicating as a Bloody Mary in the California sunshine, the seamless combo of hard guitars and soft vocals on ‘I Can’t Keep You In My Mind’ is The Ronettes by way of Kenickie – lovelorn lusciousness in a flammable polyester frock. It might all be about splitting up, but the powerful doo-wop of ‘Break My Heart’, Doris Day-styled Pacific Ocean blues of ‘Real Boy’ and astral elegance of ‘How Far We’ve Come Now’ make ‘Sees The Light’ more exhilarating than depressing.

[i]Leonie Cooper[/i]


Record label: Hardly Art
Release date: 26 Mar, 2012