Labrinth – ‘Electronic Earth’

Labrinth - 'Electronic Earth'


He's far too anonymous to be a solo star

As the man behind the boards for Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’, Labrinth has proved he can make an urban pop banger. However, the path from producer to solo star is never an easy one. Labrinth hasn’t lost his eye for a beat: opener ‘Climb On Board’ is underpinned by ferocious cut-up drums and strafing synth lines, while ‘Earthquake’ plots the exact point between head-nodding hip-hop, Daft Punk and trance. But his vocals are faceless, shrouded in layers of gloopy vocoder, allowing Tinie to steal the show effortlessly on the song’s guest spot. Labrinth may work wonders in the background, but he’s far too anonymous on ‘Electronic Earth’ to mark his card as much of a solo star.

[i]Ben Cardew[/i]


Director: Labrinth
Record label: Syco
Release date: 02 Apr, 2012