Album Review: Ladytron – ‘Gravity The Seducer’

Album Review: Ladytron – ‘Gravity The Seducer’


A brilliant slice of totalitarian electro

With the release of their ‘Best Of 00-10’ earlier this year, [a]Ladytron[/a] gave themselves an opportunity to begin a new chapter in their career. So when main knob-twiddler Daniel Hunt referred to their fifth album as “[i]baroque’n’roll[/i]”, we felt a certain level of intrigue/worry. But, alas, ‘[b]Gravity The Seducer[/b]’ is just another brilliant slice of totalitarian electro, with a cheeky sojourn into wistful synth (‘[b]White Elephant[/b]’) and etheric pop (‘[b]Transparent Days[/b]’). It’s nothing new but [a]Ladytron[/a] have always excelled in the murky underworld and, on the likes of ‘[b]Moon Palace[/b]’, they successfully amp up the doom. It’s masochistically delightful.

Listen to ‘[b]Mirage[/b]’ taken from the album which is available in UK Stores from September 12th:

Jamie Crossan


Record label: Nettwerk
Release date: 12 Sep, 2011