Lambchop – ‘Mr M’

Lambchop - 'Mr M'


An undeniably lovely record

Describing a [a]Lambchop[/a] album as contemplative is redundant, given that almost everything they’ve ever done has been sighing and lovelorn. However, ‘Mr M’ sees Kurt Wagner and co in a more reflective mood than ever. Four years since ‘Ohio’, dedicated to the memory of Vic Chestnutt and seemingly their swansong, it’s hushed and somnambulant even by their standards. This is a warm bath of a record, even if there’s an unexpected dive into psychedelic jazz-country in ‘Gone Tomorrow’, and a surprisingly direct love song (for Lambchop) in ‘Never My Love’. If this really is to be Lambchop’s final album, it’s an undeniably lovely one.

[i]Stuart Heritage[/i]


Director: Mark Nevers
Record label: City Slang
Release date: 20 Feb, 2012