Album Review: Lanterns On The Lake – ‘Gracious Tide, Take Me Home’


Glitchy moonscapes and mournful arpeggios

For a band made entirely from pillows and bits of old cloud, it’s a surprise to find that [a]Lanterns On The Lake[/a] are actually from Newcastle, not some dusky Narnian island. The idyllic chill of their glitchy moodscapes and mournful arpeggios waft like spectres along the line between ’80s and ’90s folktronica such as [b]This Mortal Coil[/b], [a]Mazzy Star[/a] and [b]One Dove[/b], and nu-gaze pioneers [a]Sigur Ros[/a] and [a]The Radio Dept[/a]. The fragile ‘[b]Keep On Trying[/b]’ and ‘[b]Ships In The Rain[/b]’ are as alluring as siren calls through mist and ‘[b]A Kingdom[/b]’ is like a poltergeist [a]Arcade Fire[/a]. ‘[b]Gracious Tide…[/b]’ stays with you like a dream you wish would keep recurring.

[i]Mark Beaumont[/i]


Record label: Bella Union
Release date: 19 Sep, 2011