Album Review: Larry Tee – ‘Club Badd’

Album Review: Larry Tee - 'Club Badd'

High-camp electroclash fun

Larry Tee is the forgotten man of electroclash. A veteran New York DJ and svengali, he gave the scene its name and briefly, circa 2001, mentored a raft of electro club brats, including his (rather brilliant) girl group WIT. Tee is still as trashy as ever, and recently released ‘My Penis’, featuring celebrity knobhead Perez Hilton. It’s beyond parody… but not unlistenable. Indeed, get over the smut and fashion industry in-jokes, and ‘Club Badd’ is a vivacious mix of booty bass and disposable techno. Tomboy and Hervé remix two tracks, while the nine-minute Christopher Just collaboration ‘Get Your Grind On’ – a tag-team bout between Chicks On Speed, Gina G, Grandmaster Flash and Soulwax – is just genius.

[b]Tony Naylor[/b]

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