Album Review: Las Kellies – ‘Kellies’

Album Review: Las Kellies - 'Kellies'


An amalgamation of new wave highlights

Twisting out a bunch of wonderfully bare-boned post-punk shapes, febrile all-girl trio [a]Las Kellies[/a] have been perfecting their trademark viciously infectious clatter in their native Argentina for a few years now.

Here they boast what is clearly an encyclopaedic understanding of all the best bits of new wave from both sides of the Atlantic, plus the fortitude to throw the rulebook clean out of the window and sometimes sound just like themselves. They’re clearly aiming [b]‘Kellies’[/b] straight for the hips, with nods to [a]The Slits[/a]’ stuttering dub-pop here and there, clattering alongside a deft cover of ESG’s mighty, taunting classic [b]‘Erase You’[/b]. A feverishly fun initiation.

Tom Edwards

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