Album review: Laura Gibson – ‘Beasts Of Seasons’ (Souterrain Transmissions)

Album review: Laura Gibson - 'Beasts Of Seasons' (Souterrain Transmissions)


Delicate autumnal folk beauty

If seasons were houses and people were deciduous, then autumn would be a hospice. And [a]Laura Gibson[/a] would be supplying the rustic soundtrack to its inhabitants’ last days ahead of a bleak winter. The Portland-based singer-songwriter’s second full-length studio album [b]‘Beasts Of Seasons’[/b] seems, with an assured simplicity, to languidly transcend the fragile line between life and death. From the plaintive strum of [b]‘Shadows On Parade’[/b] to the brooding thrum of strings that evocatively gather on [b]‘Where Have All Your Good Words Gone’[/b], Laura’s serene folk-guitar clarity is only bettered by her euphonious lilt that cascades with a celestial quality throughout.

[b]Thomas A Ward[/b]